Making the Personality Connection in Your Classroom

Alice M. Fairhurst and Lisa L. Fairhurst

For teachers and trainers needing more effective strategies, this book shows how different teaching and learning styles are associated with different personality types. Readers are able to identify strengths and limitations of their own natural teaching styles and learn how to reach those students whose preferred learning styles differ from their own favored teaching methods.

Based upon their knowledge and application of both Keirseyan temperament theory and Myers-Briggs type theory to learning situations, the authors provide diagnostics, concrete examples and practical techniques that help instructors bridge gaps between their teaching techniques and the needs of their students.


PART I: Introduction to Type and Temperament
PART II: Teaching Styles
PART III: Learning Styles
PART IV: Making the Personality Connection

The Authors:

Alice M. Fairhurst, M.S. has spent 30 years as a teacher, counselor, corporate trainer, and administrator. A well-known expert on personality type, careers, and education/training, she is a frequent speaker to professional groups and conventions both nationally and internationally.

Lisa L. Fairhurst has spent more than 10 years as a secondary school mathematics teacher to both gifted and disadvantaged youth. She has helped students and teachers solve learning difficulties and her assistance has been sought by home-schooling parents.

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